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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Computer systems:

computers systems is subject and in this subject we learned about computers and how they work , the main focus of this unit was on the hardware of the computer. We learned about how to fix certain problems and how the applications of certain data utilities can affect the performance of a computer. This unit has proven to be very interesting as well as applicable to everyday life. The class was definitely one of my favourites and I tried my hardest at all times and have achieved most the distinction criteria and the entire pass. The study of hardware and how computers work has been enjoyable to study as I like that sort of thing and I like to work with my hands and fix computers.  This unit consisted of 4 assignments; they mainly revolved around hardware and how to improve the performance of a computer that is running slowly. One assignment which I found easy was to recommend an operating system and explain the reasons why, when doing this I looked at windows 7 and Ubuntu in great depth and explained the pros and cons of each. In another assignment I had to explain how software data utilities like a disk format or a disk compression can help to improve the performance of a computer and help to create more useable disk space. In one assignment we were given a budget to build a system for a client who would be teaching a class about basic ict skills, this assignment was very interesting and I enjoyed doing it. The last assignment in this unit was all about hands on practice work , we went down to the computer lab and put more RAM into a pc and then we did some software work like installing windows and micro soft office. We had to show that we knew how to edit certain options and set up some potentially important things.

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