This is my blog and I intend to update this regularly. I will log my progress in each one of my subjects and at the end of each week. I will try my best to keep this up to date.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Hello faithful blog readers: D

This week we finished computers systems by handing in our final assignment and now we have moved on to start installing and upgrading software. We haven’t done very much in this unit as of yet but I can tell it will be interesting. We have started another new unit this week called ICT technical support , this unit is about earning how to find address and fix problems in different ways and from different roles , we have to show that we know how to find the specs of a computer by bringing in a list of our own.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Information systems:

We are coming to an end of the information systems. In this unit we learnt all about how information flows and is vital for an organisation or business. One assignment during this unit included creating an information flow diagram to show how information flows in an organisation. Before this point we studded all the necessary hardware and such that a business will need to run effectively.  Near the end of this unit we used a data base to create reports on different things and then utilised the data in the data base to help a companies make difficult decisions. We did this by creating reports on the data base to limit options and find the most suitable answer.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

digital graphics:

As the name would suggest in this unit we studied the creation and editing of digital graphics, this involved working with photo shop, learning the hardware that is involved and then creating and editing an image. This unit started out like any; with plenty of theory work but as time progressed we began to do more practical tasks. Working with photo shop was a great experience and I enjoyed learning all that it had to offer. Our first assignment in this unit revolved around the hardware that is required to professionally capture and edit digital graphics using different software packages.  The following assignments where more hands on in the way that we had to capture/create 3 images to meet specific needs and then use photo shop to edit them to a more professional standard , after we did this we needed to make changes to our work depending on a review by another member of the class. This was helpful because it help to teach us how to meet a need or demand of a customer. Finally we needed to Wright about the resolution and colour depth we used and also we needed to give information on copy right and how it affects the creators of images. I found this unit to be engaging but at the same time challenging, I found my self learning new things about photo shop without realizing it at the time. I had done some simple work with photo shop before and had worked with gimp but now I can say that my knowledge of the software has been greatly increased.                                                                                                                                                 

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Computer systems:

computers systems is subject and in this subject we learned about computers and how they work , the main focus of this unit was on the hardware of the computer. We learned about how to fix certain problems and how the applications of certain data utilities can affect the performance of a computer. This unit has proven to be very interesting as well as applicable to everyday life. The class was definitely one of my favourites and I tried my hardest at all times and have achieved most the distinction criteria and the entire pass. The study of hardware and how computers work has been enjoyable to study as I like that sort of thing and I like to work with my hands and fix computers.  This unit consisted of 4 assignments; they mainly revolved around hardware and how to improve the performance of a computer that is running slowly. One assignment which I found easy was to recommend an operating system and explain the reasons why, when doing this I looked at windows 7 and Ubuntu in great depth and explained the pros and cons of each. In another assignment I had to explain how software data utilities like a disk format or a disk compression can help to improve the performance of a computer and help to create more useable disk space. In one assignment we were given a budget to build a system for a client who would be teaching a class about basic ict skills, this assignment was very interesting and I enjoyed doing it. The last assignment in this unit was all about hands on practice work , we went down to the computer lab and put more RAM into a pc and then we did some software work like installing windows and micro soft office. We had to show that we knew how to edit certain options and set up some potentially important things.
We have just arrived back from Christmas holiday and already we have been back to work, I have been working hard to get my communication and employability assignments finished on time. This subject revolves around learning how to get a job and what may be of use in the future so I think it is very important that I pay attention and try hard in this unit. I have been working to fix the assignment I handed in for information system, there were several small problems that needed to be addressed (mainly spelling) but I hope to have it finished and handed in soon.